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A COVID-safe and eco-friendly alternative to traditional business cards. The future is here and everyone should have it!

VISCARDS allows seamless transfer of all your contact information without the need to physically exchange cards or download additional apps!

Designed to work with all devices, old and new. Tomorrow's business card is here!

We know that not everyone has the latest device with the latest NFC capabilities. That’s why each VISCARD also has a unique QR code and NFC to ensure you can share your data with anyone, no matter what device they have!  

Simple, seamless and stylish.

Traditional business cards are printed in large volumes, quickly become outdated, and are often thrown away. With VISCARDS, you can update your data at any time and use the same card over and over again!

We do more than just improve connectivity!

For months, we’ve been looking for problem-solving products that improve our everyday lives in unusual ways! VISCARDS allows you to share information through TAP. It’s COVID-friendly, good for the environment, and a very useful quick connect tool.

How does NFC work?

NFC Business Cards are affordable, practical and a great opportunity!

Unlike Bluetooth, NFC does not require manual pairing or device identification to transfer data. An NFC connection will start automatically when another NFC device enters the pre-determined 4″ area. Once in range, the two devices communicate instantly and send prompts to the user. NFC offers enormous potential.

Turn your business card into a contactless way to share your business details directly with any smartphone.